Jungle Gym is a group show organized by Jelmer Konjo and Noël Deelen. In Jungle Gym, art is a form of play. The playful development of new techniques is the starting point in this exhibition by artists Noël Deelen and Jelmer Konjo. In the former warehouse and historical museum De Dubbelde Palmboom, people play with materials and working methods, and (anti) design versus art. A colorful whole shows a mix of interactive work, Fred Flintstone objects and a series of graphic collages with a dark twist.

With work by:
Amrith de Zoete, Bas Ruis, Cesare Botti, Daan Koens, Jaasir Linger, Laura Schurink, Naamloozz, Tim Mastik, Tim Mulder, Jelmer Konjo & Noel Deelen.

De Dubbelde Palmboom, Art Week Rotterdam 2022

Made possible by CBK Rotterdam