Jelmer Konjo’s Sk8land


Konjo's Skateland Is an exhibition in Skateland Rotterdam in which Jelmer returns to his first real love "Skateboarding".

Jelmer himself grew up in the suburbs of Rotterdam, where he spent his teenage and adolescent years mainly skateboarding. Skateboarding of course happens a lot at skate parks where lifelong friendships are often formed, even though everyone in this group of friends develops completely differently. Yet there is one overarching thing learned from skateboarding that everyone has learned a lot from. Skateboarding is a sport that carries a little more risk, ability to make adjustments and consequences than, for example, playing football.

That trial and error mentality is something that has benefited Jelmer himself during his development as an artist but also as a person. With this mindset in mind, Jelmer has invited several creatives with a background in skateboarding.

The idea is to create a work together with each of these creatives with the theme:
“What is the impact of skateboarding in your adult life?” In addition to visual artists, these creative people also include architects, photographers and musicians.

On 21 oktober (19:00 - 23:00) there was an event linked to this exhibition with a best trick event on a specially designed a constructed obstacle.

Artists participating in this project: Steef offerhaus
Mike van staten
Jan Jaap Poot
Nik Reitsma
Rein Reitsma
Bob van de Veen (Opskeer gang) Wouter Molenaar

Made possible by CBK Rotterdam